Do you have a story to tell? I'd love to work with you. Illustration and animation are my mediums of choice.
As a father of 4 awesome children I have a seemingly limitless pool of creative inspiration. I want to do work that my children will be proud of. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to tell a story that'll change someone's mind or someone's life and ultimately leave the world a better place. Too idealistic? Maybe. 
I grew up drawing constantly and studied fine art for many years. This was not a popular activity in the blue collar Rust Belt notch where I lived. Working many manual labor intense jobs whilst studying art made for an interesting time. However, it taught me what a true work ethic looks like and that someone's reputation rests on their ability to complete the task they have claimed. 
Eventually I transitioned into graphic design and completed my education at Syracuse Universities' Communications Design program. I'm proud to have survived...I mean, experienced those 3 years of intense training. After entering the "real world" I had the chance to learn animation and motion graphics. My life was forever changed.
When you work with me, you're hiring someone that understands the value of design thinking. You're not just getting an animator or an illustrator. I seek out the big ideas and concepts that drive your brand. I want to create a compelling story to help your brand connect to it's audience. I believe that animation shouldn't exist without the foundational design concepts of color theory, thoughtful employment of typography, illustrative style, compositional sensibilities and a real consideration of your brand.
For larger projects requiring more hands, I pull from my talented network (people I know in real life) of designers, illustrators, audio specialists, 3D designers, producers, editors, & cinematographers from around the country. With experience in national broadcast design for film and television, non-profits, tech companies, and much more I'm well equipped for any project. I work with clients in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, and even some international studios.
Surround yourself with good people, stay true and loyal. Always do right by others, especially when they disagree with you. Eat good food, laugh everyday, and work hard.

rjrabide@gmail.com | 315.254.9271
Currently living in Upstate, NY
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