I love this sort of collaborative project so when the opportunity arose I jumped on it. With a full time job and three kids, I knew I had my work cut out for me. I just can't pass up an opportunity to work on such a dynamic project with such a talented group of guys so I made it happen.
Rather than setting aside long chunks of time I found myself thinking about YHWH throughout my day - during the "in between" moments. I began by listening to my audio clip - probably 20 times before actually sketching anything. At the time I had a few trips to make between Seattle and Bellingham so that's where I accomplished most of my brainstorming. Then, what's usually my first step began - sketching and story boarding like a mad man.
Once I had a rough sequence in mind I created an animatic - mostly to help me with timing later on. An animatic is essentially a rough animation and in this case, it was very rough. I mostly used stock imagery as FPO (for placement only) to help get an idea of timing - this is crucial for the cel style of animation I chose. Next, I took some reference video, mostly of myself on my iPhone. This way I could capture certain subtleties that would lend themselves to the delicate tone of the piece. Finally, it was time to enter beast mode - photoshop painting frame by frame. The rest is history captured in the form of a 20 second clip.
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