Design // Illustration // Animation // Sound
10 Thousand Windows is an organization that's doing some truly meaningful work and having a dramatic, lasting impact on people's lives. They exist to help survivors of violence and exploitation live safe, free and hopeful lives. I was honored and extremely excited to work with them. Check them out here:
Working with the organization and the good folks over at SouthSouthWest ( I took this project from script through storyboards to design and animation. It was fun and challenging and ultimately my favorite kind of work to do.
VO: the talented Sharon Feingold
Music: Dreamlife by Tony Anderson.
A glimpse of the original storyboard.
The main character was designed to garner a sense of empathy from the audience.
Windows symbolize hope throughout the video and throughout the organization.
The orb of light acts as both a container of memories and childhood innocence and also a beacon of hope for the future.
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