Art Direction // Design // Animation       Agency: Congruent
The Lexus of Lehigh Valley brand is less about a high end vehicle and much more concerned with creating an enjoyable experience for its customers. An experience that doesn't drain you of your precious emotional energy. This is a dealership unlike any other and it deserves a visual identity that follows suit.
Still frames from a series of commercials tying the LoLV brand back to the OEM.
I used this pattern across most LoLV touch-points as a subtle reminder that the business exists to serve a diverse range of people - not the slick models you see in the manufacturer's advertisements.
Below are select spreads from the LoLV Brand Guide
The Peaceful Promise is a sub-brand of LoLV. It is a direct representation of the business philosophy that truly sets them apart from other dealers. It deserved some thoughtful visual design to help establish it as more than just an idea.
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