Here you'll find many different logo animations for lots of different clients. Each client has specific needs for their animation but I think many principles apply across the board. Attention to fine detail, precise timing, & fluidity are a few of the key elements I try to infuse every logo animation with.
Immuta // Identity Animation - Thoroughly enjoyed working on this with Dahlia & Andres from Studio Northern.
Check them out here:

Some early Immuta exploration (above).
An elegant identity animation above for my good friends at Human Design
I always enjoy working with the creative folks at Vox Media. Worked on some motion for their Eater brand right around Thanksgiving 2017. That's good timing if you ask me!
Recently had the opportunity to work on some animations for Brooks. (Above) 
Great shoes btw, check them out!
Every now and then I'm lucky enough to work on something with my good friend and designer Josh -
Had a great time animating this one for Mission:pic! (Above)
A fun little intro for the in-house design team at Faithlife. See the full reel here:

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