Spent about a month working with some mighty talented folks to produce this video for MasterCard & Masterpass ( masterpass.com/en-sg/ ). We were able to illustrate some of the services provided by Masterpass now as well as what they'd like to offer in the near future. 
I was fortunate to have direct design feedback from Pentagram, who recently helped MasterCard refresh their brand, which ultimately helped create a better video in the end. There were many revisions both from a design and a narrative POV as we progressed toward the final piece. Overall, I'm very proud of the final product!
I was responsible for all illustration and animation. Yes, it was a ton of work!
The video also lives here: youtube.com/watch?v=-XmMF0Cxjqc & here: mastercard.us/en-us/about-mastercard/what-we-do/global-smart-cities.html
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